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As a photographer and a traveler, I love how social media lets us share our life adventures with the world.
I created igTshirts so people can wear the amazing, unique snapshots they post online.

Email me at designer@igtshirts.com for more details!

Slow Our Scroll with Your Amazing Ideas

Our team searches social media daily for unique, fantastic content to feature on our T-shirts. If your post is selected, we’ll print and send a FREE shirt to you. (With your permission, of course! We’re not creepy.) And you can post your shirts on your Instagram feed.

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Compassion Meets Fashion

The only thing better than an awesome shirt is an awesome shirt that also brings hope to humankind. We carefully select business partners who share our standards of quality, sustainability, and community. Additionally, we donate a percentage of our sales to organizations that provide basic clothing needs to people who are experiencing homelessness.

When you purchase a t-shirt from us, you are supporting local businesses and helping people thrive.

Wholesale Ordering Available

Buy More, Wear More, Share More…and Save More!

Have a design that is too good to keep to yourself? We’ve got you covered!

Because it is faster and cheaper to mass-produce duplicates, rather than multiple different designs, we can print and ship more t-shirts while saving you even more money.
Bulk discounts are available when you place a wholesale order.

For more information about wholesale ordering, please email us at designer@igtshirts.com



Wear Your Design.
Share Your Creativity.
Care for Humanity.
Email: designer@igtshirts.com

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